Chalkboard Paint Colors or Glass?

alternatives to chalkboard paint colors started with this glass framed picture

Chalkboard paint has taken off in recent years. It’s a stunning social media success story, because bloggers shared their projects which inspired more projects and motivated people to experiment with chalkboard paint. The original chalkboard paint colors were black, black or black. It’s exciting that you can now get chalkboard paint in almost any color. … Read More

Additional Storage: Do You Need It?


Additional storage can make or break home organization. But what if the problem isn’t too little storage, but too much stuff? (Read: Home Office Organization Sheds Pounds) We all love accumulating clothing, papers, books, and many other things that seem important at the time. And even though you can think of reasons to keep it all, maybe … Read More

4 Tips for Organizing a Closet


It’s easy to shut a closet door and forget about what’s inside. But you’ll need to open the door again, and probably soon. Disorganization rarely gets better on its own and organizing a closet is a great wintertime job. You can tackle one closet at a time, when you have a couple of hours to devote to … Read More

A Hidden Cabinet That Looks Great

this hidden cabinet from gives you storage that noone will know is there

This weeks fabulous Friday find was discovered while researching another article on wall storage ideas. We know there are homeowners who love working around their home, and have the skills and tools to create almost any solution they need. There are other homeowners who lack the skill or more likely don’t have the time, to build … Read More

Wall Storage Ideas for More Space

wall storage ideas on the wall, in the wall or in a closet

Few homeowners feel like they have enough storage. Your choices are to reduce how much stuff you need to store, add more storage space or what happens all too often, you shove things into a closet making it almost impossible to find things. Before you pick one of these approaches, you should take time to explore all … Read More

DIY Garage Organization to Simplify Your Life

DIY garage organization is needed here so you can find things easily

DIY garage organization isn’t an urban legend. It really is possible, no matter what you use your garage for. It doesn’t have to be bare except for a car and a gas can. Even if your garage houses your washer and dryer, a host of garden tools, kids’ toys, and holiday decorations, you can store … Read More

Getting Organized at Home

getting organized at home starts with listing what you have to be stored

There are certain times of year when you think about getting organized at home. One of these times is right after New Years because you’ve taken lots of things out of storage, and you’ve received gifts which now need to be stored somewhere when not being used. The question then is what’s the best way … Read More

Closet Organization & Party Clothes

good closet organization makes it easy to get dressed for parties & everyday

Guest – Ginger Burr Can you find your party clothes when it’s time to get dressed? Everyone loves the holidays but often we (women) try to do too much. It’s easy to end up so exhausted we don’t enjoy ourselves. That’s why we’re hosting experts to share 24 holiday tips to help you re-balance how you spend your time … Read More