Holiday Decorating and Tablescapes

holiday decorating can include tablescapesHoliday decorating can be lots of fun, or stressful if you don’t plan things out ahead of time. You want to enjoy the time you spend decorating, and have enough time and energy to enjoy your friends when they arrive. Many overachieving women might think they’ve got to decorate every available surface and the Christmas tree but who has enough time today?

Tablescapes might be the solution you didn’t know you needed. Using tablescapes for holiday decorating, will let you have more fun decorating while spending less time and money. Wondering what the magic is to decorating with tablescapes? 

How Tablescapes Focus Your Holiday Decorating

When we use lots of holiday decorations throughout a room, it can be distracting and uncomfortable. That’s why grouping your decorations into a single tablescape might be more satisfying. So what exactly is a tablescape?

Tablescapes are creative arrangements (similar to centerpieces) that group together various objects that tell a story about your theme which might be a holiday, an event like a birthday party or a celebration of the current season. The tablescape above celebrates winter using white  and silver from the snow sculpture in the center of the table, to the white deer and mirror coasters that resemble skating on ice.

holiday decorating with tablescapesSimplifying Your Holiday Decorating

While individual decorations must tell a story, generic items can be grouped together to celebrate different themes throughout the year. In our winterscape, white fabric forms a ski mountain, decorated with pine cones and twigs, and some are spray painted for a festive look. The mirror coasters and white candles are neutral and easily used in other ways.

Tablescapes aren’t just for tables. Maybe you’re already decorating your fireplace mantel and dining room table and that’s great. You don’t want too many decorations so you might add to these collections and forgo the smaller decorations in those rooms. Tablescapes can also decorate a hallway table, bookshelves in bedrooms, above kitchen cabinets or even your kitchen island when serving buffet style to make more room at the dining room table.

Imagine what fun you can have creating a new tablescape each Christmas, New Years or Valentines Day from the same box of holiday decorating items — maybe you don’t even have to put things away? Rather than buying and storing multiple boxes of decorations for each holiday, tablescapes can change your approach to holiday decorating.

Tablescape Ideas for Every Holiday

Rather than pretend we’ve got all the great ideas, we thought we’d share where you can find holiday decorating  ideas in your own community.

Share community events you use for holiday decorating ideas?

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