Disneyland Decorating with Go Away Green

Disney uses a go away green color to make things disappear visually

When picking paint colors you tend to pick colors you like looking at, or neutral colors that make things nearby pop. So the concept of a paint color like Disney’s “go away green” is a bit unusual. I’ve always enjoyed the magical feeling of being transported somewhere special when we visit Disneyland. My earliest memories … Read More

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home

you assume a healthy home but many problems can't be seen

When you enter a house you assume it’s safe, that the roof and walls will protect you from anything bad outside. That’s true but more energy efficient houses are also more airtight. This results in fewer exchanges of air between the inside of your house and outside air, which is almost always healthier. So how can you … Read More

DIY Websites, Blogs & Videos Worth Exploring

great diy websites explain the tools you need for a project

It’s encouraging that so many people want to invest the time and money to do projects around their home, big and small. While there are literally thousands of blog posts and videos to help you do almost anything, many don’t give you enough information to complete the projects. This article will help you find some of … Read More

Graduation Home Party Ideas in Case of Rain

you want a few decorations for a home graduation party but a comfortable place for people & food are most important

A graduation home party lets your graduate know that all of his/her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. And because graduation happens in the spring, the natural place to host the party is outdoors by the barbecue grill. But springtime also brings rain, and that can put a serious damper on your party plans. If there’s rain … Read More

Working with Contractors: What Women Deserve!

builder-woman-talking 0910 ik9039004X

When you travel to a foreign country, you expect there to be some communication hurdles to overcome. When you visit a doctor, you hope they’ll explain things in plain English but that doesn’t always happen. The same challenges exist when working with contractors, because they focus on the steps it takes to frame a house, … Read More

Good Neighbor Fences Make Good Neighbors


It’s easy to research the style of fencing you want based on how you’ll use it. Then you can sort out which of the many fence materials you prefer. It’s also important to give some thought to how your new fence will affect your neighbors, so consider how you can make good neighbor fences. My fence experience … Read More

Guest Bedroom Ideas You Can Use in a Pinch

a home office often makes a great guest room, especially with a murphy bed

It’s not that you don’t want a guest bedroom. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to accommodate one. But guests still arrive, and you still need a place for them to sleep. That’s when you need guest bedroom ideas that will work to accommodate your guests for as long as they’re staying in your home. … Read More

Why Lead Paint is Everyone’s Problem

get rid of old paint cans as they might have lead paint which is toxic & no longer sold

According to Wikipedia, lead paint has been produced since the 4th century BC. Lead in paint speeds up the drying process, helps maintain a fresh appearance and increases durability. In fact lead is still being added to paint in many countries around the world, often by US companies according to the Huffington Post article, Lead Paint … Read More

Refrigerator Styles & Buying a Refrigerator

you have to narrow down the refrigerator styles you like

When you move you expect to buy things like a new trash can and sink drain. You might have to buy a washing machine and dryer (we did) if the sellers take theirs with them. You rarely need a new refrigerator in a new home but we quickly discovered our refrigerators were not working properly. Fortunately … Read More

Researching Refrigerator Sizes, Styles & More


If you’ve never bought a refrigerator, you might not know where to start. Many people start with google, so let’s look at what you’ll find when you google “how to buy a refrigerator?” Skipping the paid ads (top and right hand column), here are the articles I found and reviewed to learn more about refrigerator sizes, styles, … Read More