Making Your Home Move-In Ready


Moving is pretty stressful so most home buyers want a house that is move-in ready. So what does move-in ready really mean? In the strictest sense, a house must have a certificate of occupancy or CO, which is a document issued by a local government agency saying a house is ready to be occupied. While a CO works … Read More

Recycled Leather In Unusual Places

recycled leather is a new green countertop material

When you think of leather, you probably think about leather seats in your car or the living room sofa. Maybe you thought turn to your closet and your favorite leather jacket, boots, or purse? But you probably never imagined using recycled leather in your bathroom, or any other part of your home. The green movement is motivating manufacturers to … Read More

My House is Built with Styrofoam Insulation?

houses in warm climates are built with styrofoam insulation on the outside, leaving wall cavities empty

When we moved to Arizona recently, I knew I’d be learning more about stucco (it’s everywhere) and air conditioning which is more important than heating, with temperatures over 100° for several months each year. What I wasn’t prepared for was a remodeling friend visiting from New York, tapping on the walls of our house and telling me … Read More

4 Master Bath Spa Ideas to Inspire You


There’s the master bath, and then there’s the master bath spa. What’s the difference? A home spa has special touches that go well beyond the ordinary, and with bathrooms getting bigger, there’s enough room to add all the features of a spa in the convenience of your home. (Read: A DIY Bathroom Project Revisited) Maybe it’s … Read More

Where Does Home Design Inspiration Come From?

a treehouse gives children a space of their own, and who says what it must look like?

Social media is changing our lives in many ways, and often so subtlely we don’t realize it’s happening. For example, you see glass walls in houses everywhere today, at least on Pinterest, Houzz and Google+ which offer a wonderland of home design inspiration. It’s likely you’ve never seen one in person unless you’ve gone to a home … Read More

Tips for Finding Inexpensive Area Rugs 


You know an area rug is just the thing your living room, dining room or bedroom needs to finish it off perfectly. But your budget doesn’t measure up to your taste in rugs, so what options do you have? You can find inexpensive area rugs to match your dreams – or a close facsimile? While it’s certainly … Read More

Building Material Choices Seen & Hidden


Whether you’re building a house or planning some renovations, the number of products and materials to research can be overwhelming. You can get lots of ideas by watching Home HGTV, by visiting  websites like Pinterest and Houzz or flipping through traditional magazines like Better Home and Gardens and Architectural Digest. The problem with all of these approaches is they … Read More

Chalkboard Paint Colors or Glass?

alternatives to chalkboard paint colors started with this glass framed picture

Chalkboard paint has taken off in recent years. It’s a stunning social media success story, because bloggers shared their projects which inspired more projects and motivated people to experiment with chalkboard paint. The original chalkboard paint colors were black, black or black. It’s exciting that you can now get chalkboard paint in almost any color. … Read More