What We Can Learn from HOA Fees

hoa fees can be a bonus for condo owners when managed well

When you buy a house, everyone focuses on the dollars needed to get through the closing. There’s the down payment, closing costs and the all important, how big a loan the lender says you qualify for. If you’re buying a house, you’re front end ratio covers the mortgage, taxes and insurance. If you’re buying a condominium, … Read More

Irrigation & Saving Water with Technology

saving water is key given our water shortage in the US

If you’ve got a lawn, chances are you also have an irrigation system. These irrigation systems might keep your lawn green but here are some sobering facts about the water they use (data from the EPA’s WaterSense website): Average American household uses 320 gallons of water each day. 30% of household water gets used outdoors. More than … Read More

Top 15 Landscape Trends

landscape trends include water elements

There’s been a lot more interest in building green houses since we wrote about landscape trends in the Top 10 Features for Outdoor Living Spaces. So here’s an update to help you plan your summer projects, or if you live in the south you probably spend more time outdoors during the winter months. Most homeowners know curbside … Read More

Two Kitchens and Two New Refrigerators?

new house has great views in addition to two kitchens

When you move frequently, you learn what’s important and know the details will sort themselves out over time. So when we moved recently, from New Hampshire to Arizona, I never focused on the two kitchens. There are many reasons for moving and we picked a location with clear skies and a house that was perfect for my husband’s observatory. Working … Read More

Why Where You Live Matters

where you live affects much more than home value

In real estate, there’s a saying that when you buy a house it’s all about location, location, location. Typically location means quality schools for your children, or making sure your home is attractive to future buyers of your home. That’s why CNN’s article on America’s Great Opportunity Divide showing how where you live affects so many … Read More

Can a Motion Sensor Light Switch Save You Money?

a motion sensor light switch makes it easier leaving the room

We were in our new home for a few months when I realized the light in the laundry room was really annoying. While unpacking and carrying items to be stored in the garage meant more frequent trips for a while, it’s also the path I take when leaving the house as my car is in the … Read More

Thea Morris from Time With Thea, On Organizing, Beautifying & Inspiring Your Home

meet thea morris, from time with thea

A home is much more than the support beams that hold up a roof, joists, floor boards, and light switches. Your home is also made up of the people who dwell there, as well as the time spent and the memories made. Time with Thea shares my journey, sharing ideas for increasing your lifestyle and enjoyment … Read More