10 Minute Tips to Make House Cleaning Easier

cleaning house should involve all family members

If we’re honest, very few people like cleaning their house. You might think you’re worse than everyone else when it comes to house cleaning, but you’ve got company. And when you visit friends and their home seems so neat and organized, it’s likely they made a quick pass through the house just before you arrived. … Read More

Kitchen Countertop Materials That Aren’t Average


Kitchen countertop trends come and go, and what’s hot right now won’t be forever. (Read: Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Follow or Skip) If decorating tastes change like they always have, the costly granite you see in every decorating magazine will one day seem as dated as some older laminates look today. So if you can’t … Read More

Home Management Takes How Much Time?


When you buy a house, you spend lots of time on paperwork to get a mortgage. Lots of people are involved, all with a vested interest getting to the closing as that’s when they get paid – the real estate agent, loan officer, title company and more. The roles leading up to the closing are well understood. Even better, the … Read More

Will the Slate Appliance Replace Stainless?


Appliance manufacturers have been riding the stainless appliance trend for over a decade, and recent attempts at other finishes have never taken off. That may be changing with the GE Slate Appliance finish. In the kitchen, gray topped the list of the fastest growing color schemes last year. Slate-hued products complement that design trend. The charcoal-hued … Read More

Shed Ideas for Crafts, Hobbies & More

here's a beautiful custom built outbuilding anyone would love

A shed used to be a simple outbuilding where you could tend to potted plants, prepare other plants for the garden, store yard tools and equipment, and maybe get a little peace and quiet from the household. But now, there are many shed ideas for almost anything you want. (Read: Top 15 Landscaping Trends) Some simple … Read More

Landscaping Jobs: DIY or Hire a Professional?

older couple enjoying time together, working on their landscaping

Landscaping doesn’t have to intimidate you. The key is knowing the difference between something you can handle on your own and landscaping jobs that need a professional’s touch. Problem is, that’s not always easy to discern. Some of the most stunning gardens are so simple that anyone could do it. And some that look wild and … Read More

Getting & Staying Organized a Challenge?

getting organized is easier with hooks for things, often hidden behind doors

When you’ve only got a few piles of stuff (papers, clothing, toys and more) around the house, it’s easy to look the other way and pretend you didn’t see them. But we all know what happens, the piles multiply and before we know it they seem to take over the house and we can’t ignore them … Read More