Astronomy, Cookie Sheets & Reasons for Moving

picking a moving company is challenging

There are lots of reasons for moving, and what makes sense to one person might seem foolish to others. The benefits of moving have to outweigh the costs, and that’s where each of us will assign different values to each side of the equation. You also shouldn’t be surprised if your reasons for moving change … Read More

Ceiling Colors, Textures to Forget Missing Walls


Most ceiling colors are white, or at least that’s what they’ve been for a hundred years. One room or two rooms might have a tray ceiling, or in older houses a medallion for decoration but until recently we haven’t given ceilings a lot of attention. That’s beginning to change, and here’s one reason why. The … Read More

Paint Colors Come from Where?


Color surrounds us from our houses, to the clothes we wear and the food we eat. You know your favorite colors and those you don’t like but few of us know how paint colors are picked. (Read: Color Trends: Where Do They Come From) When buying clothing or furniture, it’s relatively easy to pick your colors because … Read More

Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

Finding the right kitchen contractor takes diligence.

A kitchen contractor isn’t necessarily hard to find. What’s challenging is finding ones that people are willing to recommend, remodelers with the right blend of qualifications and experience. Actually, it’s better to find several remodelers to interview, so you can find one who matches your goals on quality and cost. Recommendations are always the best place to start. If you … Read More

How To Say Goodbye to Crooked Wall Hangings

no more crooked wall hangings when you use tongue and groove flooring

Are you always adjusting crooked wall hangings? How comfortable would you be hanging this beautiful four piece metal artwork by Megan Duncanson (available at There are lots of challenges when it comes to putting up wall hangings, and especially if you’ve got a piece of art that comes in multiple pieces like the one above. Se … Read More

Organizing Your Home Improvement Projects

shopping for materials for your home improvement projects is great education

Outdoor home improvement projects might not be on your mind right now, but winter won’t last forever and spring isn’t not far away. Now is the time to start thinking about the home improvement projects you’d like to tackle this year. The’s Cost vs Value survey is a great place to start researching ideas, to … Read More

Are Your Pet Records Up to Date?

taking photos for your pet records can help prove ownership

Medical records have undergone a pretty major overhaul in recent years. Everything is moving toward digital, which helps you keep track of important information. But what about your pet records? Your veterinarian will have copies of shots, illnesses, treatments and procedures, but you need a copy, too. That will help ensure the health and safety … Read More