Painting a Room & Picking Colors that Wow!

painting a room is one home maintenance & decorating activity popular with homeownersPainting a room starts with picking the best colors for your room so you love the results. After all you’re either going to spend a lot of time painting your room, or pay someone … so good planning is needed to insure you’ll love the results.

It appears most people pick safe paint colors to avoid picking something they might not like once the room is painted. Vikki Foley, a California interior designer specializing in color, says about 85% of all paint sold is “off white” because off white makes spaces look larger and supports any type of room decor.

Vicky starts her video, How to Choose a Paint Color, saying your first decision when painting a room is to decide on your color concept — neutral (beige, tan, taupe, gray or any off white) color or a wow (anything other than a neutral) color?

Painting a Room with Wow Colors!

While writing about kitchen decorating (Kitchen Decorating Means What?), it was surprising how difficult it was to find kitchens with a splash of color. They’re painted in neutral colors, relying on wood cabinets, counter tops and backsplashes for color and texture. Even on Pinterest, there were few examples of colorful kitchens (created board for Colorful Houses, and photos below from there) and that’s why this article had to be written.

painting a room with bold colors will wow people

Painting a room is one of the least expensive ways to decorate, if you’re doing the paint. It’s great when you’re a new homeowner buying furniture, as you don’t really know your decorating style yet and there isn’t enough money to buy artwork for your walls. Compared to the cost of furniture and window treatments, painting a room is also very cost effective.

You Know What Colors You Like!

You Wear Bold Colors, Not Just Neutral Colors!

Why aren’t you painting rooms in the same colors you wear?

Ways to Experiment by Painting a Room Partially

Maybe I didn’t know the rules (although generally I don’t ask) so the green stripe below is what I painted on the living room wall in my very first apartment and you’re right. You’re right too, that I didn’t get my deposit back although we painted 3 coats of white over the stripe … but I enjoyed my “decorated room” with this stripe and a few small plants for the year and a half I lived there. Now that I’m a homeowner, I’m still painting a room or several in each house, in bold colors like my red Victorian kitchen.

Here are ways to bravely try painting a room with some “wow colors” and it’s okay to start in one of your bedrooms, the laundry room, etc until you’re more comfortable with your color choices.

  • Paint a single accent wall like the craft roof above (red).
  • Rather than painting a room, paint a decorative stripe on 1 or more walls (green below) or the orange stripe above which helps define the kitchen from the eating island.
  • Similar to wallpaper borders near the ceiling, paint a border around the perimeter of a room can add a nice touch.
  • Lower that border to a painted chair rail, making it easy to use different paint colors above and below the chair rail.

painting a room is one step in decorating

When painting a room, what wow colors will you pick?

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